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What is E-Learning All About

Where Can You Find Out More About E-Learning?

Your best bet is to finish reading the rest of this Adeak articles. Or, you can look on the Internet. There are hundreds of place to look, but you can start by looking at only a handful of Web sites. […]

Is E-Learning Something Completely New?

E-learning fits into a long tradition of learning at a distance. Tell Me More Learning at a distance is not new. That’s what correspondence courses do. That’s what “how to” books do. That’s what public television programs at 5:30 A.M. […]

How does E-Learning Relate to Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is related to e-learning, but it’s not the same thing. Knowledge management is aimed at keeping facts, data, and information at people’s fingertips—for those people who are already skilled at doing the job. Tell Me More Knowledge management […]

Is E-Learning the Same as Providing Information at a Web Site?

It’s different—just as learning to speak French is different from looking into an English-French dictionary. But if you already know how to speak French, having an online dictionary for looking up the words you’ve forgotten can be very handy. Tell […]

Can Companies with Small Budgets Use E-Learning too?

Yes, e-learning doesn’t always require a large budget. One approach is to "lease" or "rent" your e-learning capability instead of building it and maintaining it yourself. Another approach is to operate a Chevy instead of a Porsche. Tell Me More […]

Is Your Company a Good Candidate for Using E-Learning?

It’s safe to say that, in the long term, from five to ten years, all companies are good candidates for using e learning. In the short term, from right now to a year or so from now, you have to […]

What does it Mean to Think of E-Learning as a Business Tool?

What we’re talking about in this book is not knowledge for the sake of knowledge. We’re talking about knowledge and skills for the sake of your business. This is not the university environment, or even the secondary-school environment. This is […]

Can Your Employees Really Learn with E-Learning?

Yes, research shows that e-learning works just as well as classroom learning. Some things can be more effective when done in a class- room environment. You can use e-learning to teach almost anything that a business needs to teach. Tell […]

Is There More than One Successful E-Learning Model?

E-learning as described in the previous question/ answer section (the IBM management development training curriculum) is certainly not “the only way” to do e-learning. The e-learning approach you take will depend on understanding what learning situation you need to address […]

What does a Full-Scale E-Learning Program Look Like?

IBM’s management development training is a good example for starting to see how to apply a robust, successful e-learning program. This program trains 30,000 new managers per year worldwide. The program comprises extensive online learning modules, online learning support from […]

How Can Your Company Benefit from E-Learning?

E-learning can help your business so that: Employees can learn without traveling to class—the training is delivered right to their computer. This means that you can save on travel costs and that employees don’t have to be away from work […]

What does the Internet have to do with E-Learning?

The Internet provides a delivery infrastructure that enables e-learning to be effective in the business world. Tell Me More The Internet makes all the difference. Since the Internet is changing almost everything about modern life, we shouldn’t be too surprised […]

What is E-Learning?

E-learning is learning at a distance that uses computer technology (usually the Internet). E-learning enables employees to learn at their work computers without traveling to a classroom. E-learning can be a scheduled session with an instructor and other students, or […]