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The Performance Appraisal Process

Should Forced Ranking Be Part Of Our Performance Appraisal Procedure?

First, a definition. Forced ranking is a recently developed management procedure that requires managers to assign employees into predetermined groups according to their performance, potential, and promot-ability. General Electric, the company best known for the procedure, sorts employees into three […]

What is “Upward Appraisal”?

Upward appraisal is a performance appraisal of a boss written by the subordinates. In organizations that use upward appraisal, after the manager has finished preparing and discussing their performance appraisals with each subordinate, the subordinates individually and anonymously complete a […]

Should We Provide Managers with Samples of Completed Appraisal?

Should we provide managers with samples of completed appraisal forms that they can use as models when they have to prepare performance appraisals? Yes. This is one of the most effective ways to help managers do a good job. Surprisingly, […]

What Kind of Training Do Managers Need to Do a Good Performance Appraisal?

Depending on the complexity of the system, the sophistication of the managers attending training, and their previous management development experiences, conventional classroom-based appraiser training for managers requires between one-half day and two full days. Tell Me More Although the objectives […]

What Does An Effective Performance Appraisal Process Look Like?

As I described in performance appraisal, an effective appraisal process begins with a performance-planning meeting where the manager and the individual discuss the upcoming year, set goals, review the competencies that the organization expects people to demonstrate, and identify the […]