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The Performance Appraisal Form

Are These Programs A Good Idea?

Some computer-based performance appraisal systems offer an electronic form with different traits listed: quality of work, quantity of work, attitude, or dependability. The manager clicks on a one to five scale and then the machine generates the text for the […]

What Should We Call The Different Levels?

Does it make any difference whether we use words or numbers? No matter how many positions there may be on the rating scale, the positions have to be labeled. There are four alternatives: behavioral frequency, verbal descriptors, comparison-to-standard, and numerical. […]

How Many Rating Levels Should There Be On The Form?

The overwhelming majority of performance appraisal forms provide for either three, four, or five levels of performance. It is rare for an appraisal system to operate on the basis of pass/fail with only two levels of ratings. And there are […]

How Many Different Forms Should There Be?

In most cases, there should be one form for each job family in the organization. The organizational core competencies will be the same on every form, since everyone in the company is held accountable for meeting them. The job family […]

How Do I Determine The Key Job Responsibilities Of A Position?

Start with the job description. Most job descriptions include a summary of the most important duties and responsibilities of the position. If the job description isn’t useful (or if there hasn’t been a job description prepared for the position), then […]

How Does A Company Determine Which Competencies Are Truly Core Competencies?

Several studies have focused on identifying the various competencies that predict success, both in organizational life in general and in specific jobs or job families. My firm, Grote Consulting Corporation, has identified thirty specific competencies, based both on formal research […]

Is There An Ideal Performance Appraisal Form?

Yes. While the specific design and construction of the form varies from one organization to another, five elements should appear in every performance appraisal form: 1. Organizational core competencies 2. Job family competencies 3. Key job responsibilities 4. Projects and […]