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The Importance of Performance Appraisal

Even if they Try to be Objective, Managers Can’t Help But Discriminate on the Basis of Race, Sex, Age, And Other Illegal Considerations. Isn’t Performance Appraisal Actually A Very Biased Process?

No. While many people believe that managers discriminate, either deliberately or unconsciously, in their appraisal ratings, research on performance appraisal indicates that performance ratings are remarkably bias-free. Tell Me More In a major research project published in Psychological Bulletin, Frank […]

What is the Purpose of Performance Appraisal?

Performance appraisal serves over a dozen different organizational purposes: Providing feedback to employees about their performance Determining who gets promoted Facilitating layoff or downsizing decisions Encouraging performance improvement Motivating superior performance Setting and measuring goals Counseling poor performers Determining compensation […]

Where Did Performance Appraisals Come From?

There are early references to performance appraisal in America going back over a hundred years. The federal Civil Service Commission’s merit rating system was in place in 1887. Lord & Taylor introduced performance appraisal in 1914. Many companies were influenced […]

What is “Performance Appraisal”?

Performance appraisal is a formal management system that provides for the evaluation of the quality of an individual’s performance in an organization. The appraisal is usually prepared by the employee’s immediate supervisor. The procedure typically requires the supervisor to fill […]