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What is Scope Change Control?

Any project that has ever been done has probably had scope changes. It is only reasonable that as a project develops, learning takes place and the environment of the project changes. These changes can result in scope changes on the […]

How do I Test the Work Breakdown Structure?

From the systems engineering and systems management way of thinking, we can say that each task in the WBS is a process that converts inputs to outputs. In the WBS we have identified the tasks that must be completed in […]

How do I do a Work Breakdown Structure?

Doing a work breakdown structure is one of the simplest things that you will do as a project manager, yet it is one of the things that many project managers and their staff do not do well. Part of the […]

What is a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

Once we have identified all of the things that we are supposed to produce in the project, it is necessary to develop the specific items of work that must be done to complete all of the work. The work breakdown […]

What is a Scope Statement?

The scope statement is the defining statement of the project. It is the document that defines the project and is the basis for making decisions about the project. The scope statement is a dynamic document in that in the beginning […]

What is the Requirements Process?

There are many ways to develop the deliverables of a project. It is important that a procedure be established for each project that will ensure that all of the necessary deliverables of the project are found and that all unnecessary […]

What is a Project Justification?

Although some projects are done by direct order, most of the projects that we will be involved with will have a justification. The most credible justification is one where the identified benefits of doing the project are greater than the […]

What is a Deliverable in the Project?

All projects accomplish something. The "something" that they accomplish can be either a good or a service and is usually a combination of both. The individual items of goods or services that are accomplished are called the project deliverables. Tell […]

What is the Project Charter?

The project charter is the first document that exists in the project. It causes the project to come into existence. The project charter names the project and briefly describes it. It names the project manager and causes a cost account […]