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Recruitment Hiring Orientation and Retention

How Can I Probe for an Applicant’s Weaknesses?

Ask questions about areas of past jobs that were likely to have caused problems. Find out how the individual handled them. For example: What aspects of your previous jobs gave you the most trouble? What are some of the disappointments […]

How do I Legally Discuss Accommodations with the Applicant?

Concerns about hiring a person with a disability often centers around the person’s ability to perform job duties and meet attendance demands. While discussing this issue with someone disabled may seem awkward, it can be made a manageable situation if […]

What are "Reasonable Accommodations"?

There are numerous "reasonable accommodations" that employers can make to assist qualified individuals with disabilities in the performance of essential job functions. The following list identifies the nature of accommodations and some specifics. Keep in mind that what might be […]

What are the Key Employment Laws Related to Hiring?

The five federal EEO statutes that have had the greatest impact on hiring practices are: Title VII of Civil Rights Act (1964) The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967) The Immigration Reform and Control Act (1990) The Americans with Disabilities […]

What are the Advantages of Recruiting on the Web?

Online recruitment is less costly than its print counterpart, averaging 5 percent of the price of placing a help-wanted ad in a major newspaper for thirty days. Cost is based not on the size of the ad, as with print, […]

How do I Hire the Best Recruiting Firm?

Before you choose a recruiting firm, ask some key questions: What is their past experience? What positions do they specialize in? What do others who have used them say? Tell Me More If they pass your review, sit down to […]

What Are the Benefits of Working with Search Firms?

Sometimes using such a firm can speed up the hiring process and help free up the manager’s time. Some search firms and headhunters specialize and therefore have good inside knowledge of a field, including individuals who might be interested in […]

What Can I do to Make a Candidate Feel More at Ease?

A nice way is to go out and greet the applicant in the reception area rather than have him or her brought into the office by your assistant. Consider taking the applicant on a tour of the workplace as you […]

How Can I Effectively Prescreen Candidates?

If you have done your homework, you have developed an up-to-date job description that makes clear the specific type of education and/or experience candidates need. As you review the resumes you receive from prospective candidates, consider those qualifications. Now quickly […]

How do I Best Use Web Ads to Recruit People?

The secret to a well-written online ad is the use of "key words"—that is, words based on those factors critical to the job being offered. While use of the jargon of the field may eliminate some good prospects, those best […]

What Can I do to Make Help-Wanted Ads More Effective?

Brevity is the secret to effective help-wanted ads. There may be numerous responsibilities associated with the vacancy, but the ad should list only the key ones. This increases the likelihood that those who respond will be able to do those […]

What Constitutes a Well-Written Job Description?

A well-written job description has six components. These include: Job title. Statement of objectives. Major responsibilities. Job requirements. Preferred criteria. Relationships with others. Tell Me More Job title. If the person were introduced to others, how would you identify him […]

How Can I Make Sure I Hire the Right Person?

If managers are filling an entry-level position, they should talk to the candidate about his or her accomplishments at school. Ask candidates, "What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment." Then ask questions to determine how really significant […]