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Questions Leaders Need To Ask Themselves

Are You Sure You Want To Ask Questions?

As with any new endeavor, starting is the hardest part. Reasons to postpone action exist in abundance. "I’ll start after I finish reading the book." "Mondays are better for beginnings than Thursdays." Even traumatic events that would appear to cry […]

What Are You Afraid of?

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can paralyze you in times of crisis, cause you to cower in the face of an adversary, or lash out in an inappropriate direction. Fear will keep you silent when you should speak. Fear […]

Are You Happy?

Let me admit it right up front–this is a bias. I believe that fundamentally unhappy people make poor leaders. This statement might cause you to pause. If we were having a conversation, I’d be able to see your reaction in […]

What Do You Want to be Remembered For?

When my daughter, Miriam, went to college in Milwaukee, she worked at a bakery. Vann’s Pastry Shop was legendary for its specialty cakes, Danish pastries, and bread. When Mr. Vann died, his obituary in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel started with […]

How Do You Feel About Being a Leader?

When you got the message that you were being promoted into a leadership position, I’d guess you were excited. Promotions usually mean more prestige, more opportunities, and more money. People congratulate you, offer to buy you lunch, and your picture […]

What Does Leadership Mean?

Believe it or not, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. Leadership takes on different meanings depending on the person who leads and the people being led. On any given day, leadership can mean teaching, coaching, assigning, […]