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Adapt Leadership Style To Different Situations

Many successful team leaders find it helpful to vary their styles by reference to the situation that they find themselves in. Hersey and Blanchard (1993) have developed a useful framework. The idea is for leaders to vary the amount of […]

Be Aware and Allow for Your Own Preferences

If you know your own preferences then you will understand yourself better and that is likely to enhance your relationships with others. Also, if you know your own preferences you will be more aware of your own biases and that […]

Accept People’s Differences

Have you ever stopped to think about the very different ways that people tackle their assignments and relate to their clients and colleagues? If so, then you have probably noticed that some people seem to wear their personalities on their […]

Work On The Leadership Specifics

In the box ‘Leadership activities and behaviour’, there is a list of activities and ways of behaving commonly associated with the leadership role. It is not an exhaustive list and nor is every factor necessarily relevant to leaders of all […]

Build Trust

The essence of the relationship between professionals and their clients is one of integrity and trust. Whenever I ask professionals and their support colleagues what they expect of their team leaders it is no surprise to me to find that […]

Be Specific About Ends And Allow Discretion About Means

The What And The How Of Leadership Be clear about the ends – the what The leader’s task is to provide clear, persistent statements of the direction, goals and values of the firm and the team. Allow discretion about the […]

What Leaders of Professionals Do

The real leader has no need to lead – he is content to point the way. — (Henry Miller) The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader […]