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Performance Review

When Should I Talk About The Pay Increase?

Ideally, the discussion about compensation and the discussion about performance should be separate talks. If it’s possible, the performance appraisal meeting should focus entirely on the individual’s performance with discussion of compensation reserved until a later time. However, if performance […]

How Do I Handle Defensive Reactions?

Defensive reactions come in two forms: fight and flight. Fight responses show up as angry rejections of what the appraiser has said or written. The individual may deny the accuracy of the appraiser’s information or blame others for problems and […]

How Should I Start The Meeting?

The employee I’m about to review is an unsatisfactory performer and the appraisal tells it like it is. How should I start the meeting? Get right to the point. As soon as the person arrives for the appraisal discussion, say, […]

How do I Figure Out What the Employee is Feeling?

Psychologists tell us that there are only four feelings: glad, sad, mad, and scared. All other feelings are variations on these four. Glad is the feeling you’re likely to encounter when you’ve given Tommy a great review. He did a […]

What Do I Do When We Disagree About Something Important?

It’s easy to discuss the performance appraisal when the individual and I are in agreement. But what do I do when we disagree about something important? Even when the manager and the individual agree about the quality of the individual’s […]

How Should I Open the Discussion?

The best way to put the individual at ease is to eliminate small talk and get right to the point. Here are some suggestions that will help you make the opening seconds of the meeting productive and comfortable: Welcome the […]

What Should I Do Before The Meeting?

Here’s a quick assessment tool to help you effectively prepare for the performance-review meeting: Pre-Meeting Activities Checklist Gather information and materials. Choose a convenient time. Pick an appropriate place. Consider facilities and room arrangement. Determine the agenda. Give the individual […]

What is "Performance Review"?

Performance review is the final phase of an effective performance management system. It involves the individual and the manager discussing the performance appraisal document that the manager has created. The performance management process both ends and begins anew with the […]