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Performance Management

What is the "Halo Effect"?

The "halo effect" is a tendency in performance appraisals to assess an employee as outstanding because of one very impressive trait or accomplishment on the assumption that her other accomplishments were equally impressive. For instance, you were so impressed with […]

What Should I Document as Part of Performance Management?

While documentation can protect you in a legal issue, supporting your assessment when questioned in court, it also ensures you conduct accurate and effective appraisal discussions with your employees. Consequently, you want to be sure you document helpful information. Which […]

What Can I do to Make Sure my Assessment is Legally Defensible?

Most lawsuits related to performance appraisals are based on the failure of a manager to: Follow the program’s procedures consistently. Have sufficient documentation to support evaluations. Be objective in assessments by applying criteria consistently. Tell Me More Let’s assume, for […]

Are There Legal Implications in the Performance Appraisal Process?

Yes. Performance appraisals can influence compensation, promotion decisions (and the opportunities to gain promotions through training or a high-visibility project assignment), layoffs (downsizing tied to job performance), and termination for cause. Consequently, appraisals are targets for legal action by disgruntled […]

What Are "Stretch" Goals?

By suggesting that you add "stretch," your manager is suggesting that you are not setting challenging goals. They are easily reached because they either reflect the same level of performance over the last few years or demand minimal performance on […]

How Can I Get Employees to Accept Being Evaluated?

It may help if you remind your employees that such evaluations are part of everyone’s job; even the CEO’s job performance is assessed. A more concrete step is to involve the employee in the assessment early on, before appraisal interviews […]

How Should I Phrase a Goal or Standard?

Begin with an action verb, describe the immediate results if necessary, include the date by which you want the goal achieved, and define the overall result desired (in terms of quality like greater customer service or quantity like increased sales […]

What Criteria Should be Used in Setting Performance Standards?

Standards or objectives are based on the history of productive workers. Review the employee’s job description, assuming it is not dated, and study the department and corporation plans. These should help you to identify goals or standards against which the […]

What Can I do to be a Better Evaluator?

The single most important ingredient is the setting of objectives or standards that reflect aspects of an employee’s job that contribute most to the overall success of the job and that offer the greatest benefits to the organization. Once you […]