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Performance Execution

How do I Actually Use Recognition?

How do I actually use recognition? Is there more to it than just saying, "Thanks . . . nice job"? Yes, there is more to it, but not much more. The most important—and most ignored—requirement to make recognition an effective […]

Is Recognition Just A Matter of Heaping on the Praise?

No. In fact, praise has very little to do with true recognition of good performance. Have you ever noticed how people react to praise? Not very graciously, most of the time. Praise a house or a garden and its owner […]

Do People Need Praise Every Time They Do A Good Job?

No. If you recognized good performance every time someone did something right, you’d have no time to do anything else, and they would get bored by it. The key is to make the recognition you provide commensurate with the quality […]

What Can A Manager do to Create the Conditions that Motivate?

Six techniques have a predictable effect on increasing an individual’s motivation: 1. Create opportunities for achievement and accomplishment. 2. Allow people freedom, discretion, and autonomy in doing the job. 3. Provide opportunities for learning and growth. 4. Increase the amount […]

Should Employees Have Access to My Performance log?

No. The performance log, in whatever form you keep it, is your private and informal record of how people have done in their activities on the job. You may find it worthwhile to have your performance log available if an […]

How Should I Keep Track of Employees’ Performance?

How should I keep track of employees’ performance? Should I keep a journal? And should I record day-to-day performance or just note the exceptional positive and negative events? The method isn’t all that important. What is important is having complete […]

What are the Employee’s Responsibilities in the Performance Execution Phase?

The employee has one primary responsibility: Get the job done. There are, however, several others: Solicit performance feedback and coaching. Communicate openly with your appraiser on progress and problems in achieving objectives. Update objectives as conditions change. Complete the development […]

What is “Performance Execution”?

Once the performance-planning phase has been completed, it’s time to get the job done—to execute the plan. Performance execution is the second phase of an effective performance management process. For the individual, the critical responsibility in Phase II is getting […]