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How do We Improve Rounding in Outpatient Surgery?

Question I am a manager for the prep and hold area, OR, and PACU. I have recently encountered some difficulty with the rounding process in my prep and hold area. Even the first question about rounding on patients seems premature, […]

What is the Best Way to Approach Rounding in ICUs?

Question I manage a critical care unit with 35 beds. Census is usually 27 to 32. Most of these patients are not alert enough to understand anything I say to them. Trying to round on patients when family members are […]

How Can House Supervisors Round Effectively?

Question I am one of the hospital operations coordinators (nursing supervisor) at a hospital in Baltimore. I attended the Studer Group Institute in November. We would like to start Rounding for Outcomes but are struggling to work this into our […]

How do You Maximize Support Department Rounding for Small Areas?

Question I was just reading your article on effective leader rounding, specifically noting your comment that it is imperative that leaders who provide service to other departments round in those areas. I am the marketing/PR coordinator at our facility and […]

Do Patients Appreciate Rounding?

Question We continue to experience ongoing evidence, through patient satisfaction comments or real-time nonverbal communications, that our patients do not appreciate the manager rounding. Our managers discuss our goals to provide good care, discuss and/or show the survey, or inquire […]

Should Senior Leaders Round on Patients?

Question Our senior leaders have been rounding on employees for about a year, and now the senior leaders are interested in rounding with our patients. Do you have some advice on the best approach, and are there some benchmark hospitals […]

How do We Overcome Resistance to Senior Leader Rounding?

Question For months we have been rounding on a weekly basis with our senior leaders, and response seems to be regressing. People were positive at first. Now I am hearing comments from staff that it is insincere and that we […]

How Can We Take Senior Leader Rounding to the Next Level?

Question I want to do senior leader rounding more often but have always felt uncomfortable about it. I feel I’m intruding on staff who may be very busy dealing with patients, etc. Could you help me with key words or […]

How do We Implement Senior Leader Rounding?

Question We have hardwired nurse manager and department manager rounding and are ready to take the next step to implement senior leader rounding. Any advice? Answer If department leader rounding is hardwired, you are definitely ready for senior leader rounding. […]

What’s the Best Way to Ensure Unit Managers are Rounding?

Question Our unit managers are resisting our attempt to hardwire rounding. The resistance may be linked to our requirement that each manager “track” his or her rounding. Is it important to track rounding—i.e., to have managers report where and when […]

How Can We Turn the Healthcare Flywheel Faster?

Question What are we doing wrong? We are rounding. We are having focus group meetings. We are desperately trying to make improvements and changes. We have been at this for a year now. Employees are still negative and are talking […]