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Organization Must Haves

What Should We do if Leaders Give Late Evaluations?

Question For approximately six months we have been posting the names of managers who are late in submitting evaluations. We have experienced fair success with this tactic. When you implemented it, did you find that you experienced peaks and valleys […]

Should Evaluations and Raises be Tied Together?

Question I’ve read your articles on evaluations, but I’m curious about whether you personally endorse raises that are tied to those evaluations. Or do you believe that pay and evaluations are two separate entities? Answer This is an area that […]

Can You Suggest Some Key Words to Improve Bed Turnover?

Question Our facility is small (38 beds), so bed turnover is very important. There are times when we desperately need a bed and we have a patient who is ready to go home, but wants to stay for dinner . […]

Can You Recommend Key Words for Response to Call Lights?

Question What would you suggest as a key phrase to say to patients who may have had to wait to have their call lights answered? Answer Here are some suggestions: Consider an acknowledgment as you enter, such as: “I see […]

Do You Have Key Words for Communication with Family Members?

Question Some of our patient care managers suggest that our scores are not improving because we are not communicating with our patients’ family members. How do we convince our staff that communicating with families is just as important as communicating […]

Are Key Words for Phone Answering Necessary?

Question We have introduced key words for phone answering and have encountered major pushback from OR staff regarding internal phone calls. How do I show value in saying, “Good morning, this is the (Name of Hospital) operating room, Patty speaking” […]

How do We Measure Staff Participation in Using Key Words?

Question We are in the process of implementing key words at key times to reinforce to patients that we want to give them “very good” service/care. Do you have any suggestions for measuring staff participation in using the key words? […]

How do You Create Buy in for Key Words (i.e., scripting)?

Question We need better buy in at our facility for key words. How do we show team members the value of this practice? Answer I suggest you not call it scripting but “key words at key times.” Explain to the […]

Can You Share Key Words for Discharge Phone Calls?

Question Are there any key words available for discharge phone calls? We are working on this “Must Have” and would like some ideas to incorporate into ours. Answer Key points are: Empathy. “We are calling to see how you are.” […]

Is There a Benchmark for Emergency Department Callbacks?

Question We are currently attempting to call all patients who have visited our emergency department. Our success rate at reaching these individuals is about 18 percent. Is there a benchmark by which we can compare ourselves with other hospitals to […]

How Can We Prevent Multiple Calls to Patients?

Question Is there a way to prevent multiple calls to patients after discharge? Not only do the nursing units do follow-up calls, but so do our trauma coordinator, the hospital programs, and therapy. Answer You have the right idea to […]

What if We Don’t Have Time to Make Discharge Calls?

Question All nurses on our staff are to complete approximately five callbacks per shift. How can this rule be enforced? When we are very busy, the nurses just don’t get them done. Answer Here are a couple of suggestions: First, […]

Can You Share Questions for Exit Interviews?

Question Is there a preferred list of exit interview questions that your organization uses? Answer We recommend: When you were initially hired, why did you want to work here? What kind of assignments did you most enjoy during your time […]

What Questions Should I Ask New Employees?

Question We are implementing a 90-day follow-up meeting with new employees to find out how their time has been at the facility and what we could do differently to be more “employee friendly.” Can you suggest any questions we should […]

How do You Calculate the Number of Thank You Notes to Send?

Question I am looking for the ratio of thank you notes to direct reports. My leadership steering committee seems to think one note per quarter per employee from the manager is okay. What have you found works best? Answer Look […]

Is There a Downside to Thank You Notes?

Question Has there been any “downside” to sending notes of thanks to an employee’s home? Answer No, there is not a downside. I believe that at times even low performers deserve a thank you note. When a leader has counseled […]

Can Thank You Notes be Insincere?

Question I have worked at my organization for more than 15 years. I received a few thank you notes from my administrator, but they were for trivial matters such as cleaning a coffee machine and running folders to a meeting. […]