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Objectives Values Strategy and Change

Weld the New Approaches Into the Firm’s Culture

New approaches only become embedded in the culture when it is clear that they work and are superior to old methods. Use lots of talk to hype up the validity of the new practices and promote and reward those who […]

Consolidate Gains and Produce More Change

It is helpful to use the credibility afforded by early gains in the change process to tackle additional and bigger projects. It is important to re-emphasize shared purpose and to keep up the spirit of urgency. It is a good […]

Identify and Reward Early Benefits

It is useful to identify, publicize and reward early benefits that accrue during the change process. This encourages everyone to remain enthusiastic about working towards full implementation of the ultimate vision.

Communicate the Desired Outcome and Strategies

Communicating the vision and strategies requires repetition and the use of a multimedia approach. The key messages need to be repeated time and again with the use of different vehicles, for example meetings, presentations, speeches, in-house publications and e-mails. It […]

Put Together a Team of People to Lead the Change

Change, if it is to be effective, needs to be led by a mixture of senior people with strong position power, broad expertise relevant to the task and high credibility. To make change happen they need to create trust through […]

Create a Sense of Urgency

It is helpful, first, to identify possible causes of complacency. These may include the absence of a visible crisis, the achievement of low performance standards, low candour about problems and favourable performance feedback coming primarily from within. Raising a sense […]

Lead Change

Professor John Kotter of the Harvard Business School has produced a research-based model for leading major organizational change (1996). Success in his view depends on the implementation of an eight-step process. The stages, all of which need to be followed […]

Share Team Values And Agree Ground Rules

Many organizations these days publish statements of desired values. An example, from law firm DLA, appears in The DLA values. The DLA values  People Service Quality We bring the best out of our people by encouraging mutual respect, responsibility and […]

Provide Strategic Leadership

Providing strategic leadership is not a highly complicated process. Essentially it is about making time to create a vision of the desirable but attainable future state of the team’s business; identifying crucial conditions for success; making sure that work is […]

Direction: Objectives, Values, Strategy and Change

Where there is no vision, the people perish. — (Proverbs 29: 18) Do not quench your inspiration and imagination; do not become the slave of your model. — (Vincent Van Gogh) Good leadership is about making things happen. The starting […]