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Motivational Management

How Can I Motivate Offsite Employees?

Offsite workers have to feel as if you care as much for them as for those on site. Toward that, you need to interact in person whenever you can. Without personal contact, misunderstandings are more frequent. If you can’t meet […]

How Can I Encourage Employees to Use Their Initiative?

When staff members bring you a problem, don’t solve it. Instead, ask what they think should be done. Don’t accept "I don’t know." If time allows, ask them to think about it and come back with suggested solutions. Hold staff […]

How Can I Motivate Part-Time Workers and Temps?

It’s hard to motivate contingency workers but it is possible. To begin with, you shouldn’t overload them with grunt tasks. It’s a temptation to assign all low-level work to part-time and temp employees. Don’t. Find out what specialized skills they […]

How Can I Counteract the Negativity of a Few Employees?

If you can do so, get rid of overly negative employees. See if you can transfer them to another department that will provide a more positive environment for them. If this can’t be done, and you can restructure the work […]

How do I Keep Plateaued Employees Motivated?

Plateauing is basically what happens when an employee reaches the highest level he or she can go in the company. There are no more opportunities for advancement—no chances to grow or to be challenged. Plateaued employees feel completely frustrated by […]

How do I Keep Enthusiasm High During Tough Economic Times?

During tough economic times, employees will worry about their job security. If you know members of your team will be laid off, let them know as soon as possible. Employees should not leave the office uncertain about their position unless […]

How do I Create a Culture of Empowerment?

As the background for your empowerment effort, you want to create a culture of support. To that end consider the following: Listen to employees. Demonstrate your trust. Keep employees informed. Help employees balance work and personal lives. Offer opportunities for […]

How Can I Instill Ownership to Motivate Employees?

You will get the most out of your employees if you, first, create a positive work environment and, second, give employees ownership of their work. Make your employees feel as if they are responsible fully for the outcome and their […]

What Can I do to Motivate my Average or Mediocre Performers?

Recognition and rewards can encourage performance improvement from these non-superstars. If you wait for a significant improvement in their performance, you may never get a chance to recognize them, yet without reinforcement of some small improvement they are unlikely to […]

How Can I Help my High Achievers to Feel Uniquely Valuable?

High achievers can be challenged with increased responsibility, access to new assignments, new training, and job rotation. Look at a high achiever’s position and the associated tasks. How can they be changed to make the position an opportunity for growth? […]