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Meetings Management

How Can I Work With a Group to Reach Consensus on an Issue?

The group’s chair or leader has to have the facilitating skills to allow members to tear apart and put back together each and every idea on the flipchart. With each idea, the group needs to try to achieve consensus. When […]

How Can I Counter Groupthink?

Groupthink is a process of rationalization that sets in when members of a group begin to think alike. It can be fostered by managers who discourage dissent, or it can develop under leaders who offer an employee’s idea so much […]

How Can I Stimulate Creative Ideas?

There are numerous ways to stimulate creativity including: brainstorming, brainwriting, and using analogies or metaphors. Before you begin these techniques, try restating the problem. For instance, complaints have been received due to delays in shipments from the warehouse. We could […]

What Can I do to Improve Decision Making at a Meeting?

There is no perfect approach to decision making. However, you can improve the final decision by Ensuring all facts have been identified. Clearly defining problems or issues. Inviting outside viewpoints as well as hearing out member viewpoints. Identifying alternatives so […]

What Can I do to Get People to Meetings on Time?

If you have told participants that a meeting will start at a specific time, then proceed accordingly. If you start on time—no matter who is missing—you won’t be reinforcing tardiness. To make that message clearer, close the door of the […]

How Can I Encourage All to Participate at a Meeting?

You want to get participation from all, which means building the confidence of quieter members. You want to draw them out, but you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable in the process. So you might wait until the person […]

How Can I Keep Someone From Dominating a Team Session?

When someone is monopolizing the discussion, you need to step in to draw out contributions from the rest of the group. Give the individual time to have his say, then interrupt and ask for others’ opinions. While you don’t want […]

What Are my Responsibilities as Group Leader?

Besides facilitating group discussions, as a group leader, you are also responsible for: Preparing a written agenda. Make sure each member receives it before the meeting. Bring extra copies to the meeting for those who forget them. Making sure the […]

How do I keep control of a meeting?

A strong leader knows that when one of the meeting members makes an inappropriate comment such as, "Howard, you are so naive and this idea of yours is really stupid," he or she needs to immediately exert control over the […]

When Should I Hold Meetings?

A meeting is a management tool. Like any tool, it needs to be used when it can be most effective. Meetings are best used in the following situations: You need a new approach to a problem. By bringing together a […]