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Life and Career Skills

Would Dating a Colleague Have a Negative Impact on my Career?

Generally, in smaller firms, office romances are tolerated. It is due to the more casual environment of such firms. But larger companies covertly (or very overtly) discourage romance between employees—in particular, those between managers and their staff. If your company […]

What Kind of Handshake Makes the Best Impression?

In the United States, the handshake is the meeting/greeting ritual. And many managers place a lot of emphasis on it. We allow impressions based on the handshake and the rituals that surround it to determine future business relationship. Don’t extend […]

How Can I Start Working from Home?

Anyone who is considering working at home has to recognize a reality: In the office, the whole workplace conspires to help you do your work. When you’re at home, it is just the opposite. Everything conspires against you. All of […]

How Can I Make Traveling Less Stressful?

Don’t underestimate your travel time so you are always in a rush to get to your location. By then, you will be stressed out, unfit to carry out your responsibilities at your destination. You also don’t want to be stressed […]

What Should I do to Improve my Relationships with my Superiors?

A supervisor is a supervisor—neither a buddy nor a close confidant. You may work closely together, but that doesn’t guarantee you will become friends. With some managers, the best you can hope for is treatment with professional respect. It doesn’t […]

What Can I do if I Expect Termination?

If you are unsure about your position with your company, it’s time to update your resume. Rewrite it to play up your accomplishments. If you need two pages, use them—recruiters no longer believe that everything should be communicated in a […]

How Can I Build Networking Skills?

Conversing with perfect strangers is not easy. Even those known as outstanding networkers had to learn how. Their secret, they tell me, is preparation. Before you go to an event where you will have an opportunity to meet with people […]

How do I Determine What to do First?

List all those tasks you need to do and prioritize them according to one or more of the following criteria: Which jobs and deadlines are mandated from above? These are important assignments, but not always urgent. On the other hand, […]

How Can I Eliminate Procrastination?

The first step in overcoming procrastination is to identify its cause. If due to low self-esteem or a tough project, then prepare an action plan to deal with it. If fear of taking the wrong step is behind the procrastination, […]

Do I Have to Suffer From All Those Interruptions During the Day?

Reducing the number of interruptions often demands an adjustment in attitude; that is, you need to accept responsibility for controlling the interruptions in your work. Admittedly, you won’t be able to control them all. But there are ones that you […]

How Can I Ensure that I Get Credit for the Work I do?

If you want your performance appraisal to reflect your accomplishments, then you should go to your next performance appraisal with a written list. If your manager isn’t likely to remember each and every staff member’s efforts over the quarter or […]

How Can I Minimize Intrusions on my Personal Time?

You can argue against this practice but you can’t avoid it once it becomes policy. You can minimize intrusions on your time by making plans before you leave to ensure that most critical issues either are already handled or will […]

I Seem to Work from Crisis to Crisis. What am I Doing Wrong?

You may have to look at the assignments more closely. A lot of managers carry such heavy workloads that they habitually plunge into one assignment after another without any thought as to how the tasks should best be handled or […]

How Can I Deal with Workaholism?

Some people fall into the "all work, all the time" pattern and find it hard to get out. Without close family ties or friends to draw them away from their work lives, they may become so consumed that they never […]

How Can I Reduce Stress Due to Work?

Actually, you have two concerns: controlling your own feelings of burnout and minimizing the stress your employees feel. As an effective manager, you should provide employees with the information they need to do a good job. You should give regular […]