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Human Resources Management

What are the Tools and Rules for Human Resource Coordination in Projects?

As mentioned before, the normal project-oriented environment is often extremely complicated from the viewpoint of the organizational structure. In order to decrease the degree of confusion and argument, the project managers have to undertake every effort possible in order to […]

What Does the Staff Acquisition Process Include?

The content of the staff acquisition process in projects is different from the general staff recruiting procedures for the organization. In The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, it is considered to be one of the facilitating processes […]

What are the Main Types of Power?

In projects, a very important function required of a project manager is influencing the organization—in other words, "making things work". That involves having a good knowledge of both the formal and informal systems of the home organization of the project, […]

What are the Major Theories of Motivation?

The term motivation is defined as the process of inducing a person to function actively in order to achieve certain goals. The influence of motivation on people’s behavior depends on a number of factors. It is very individual and changeable […]

What is Delegation?

The term delegation describes the process used by a manager to shift some of the responsibilities for the task implementation to another team member. Delegation is key to improving team members’ feelings of involvement and ownership, and the ability to […]

What is a Team Role Structure?

The role structure of the team determines the content and distribution of different roles within the team. The knowledge and ability to use the structure of roles within the team is a strong and efficient instrument of human resource management […]

What are the Concepts of Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement?

The concept of job enlargement was developed as a result of the investigations targeted on the improvement of group efficiency and motivation in the early 1960s. The major reason for the investigation was the need for companies to improve the […]

What are the Major Team Leader Skills?

As we discussed in the part of this chapter describing the differences between management and leadership, the project manager is also often required to be able to fulfill the functions of a project leader. As such, he has to be […]

What is a Project Team?

A project team is defined as a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance, goals, and approach. It could also be described as an assembly of people who are directly or indirectly […]

What are the Major Theories of Behavioral and Situational Leadership?

The concept of leadership behavior started to be developed before World War II and is still popular because those theories consider the opportunity for leaders to be trained according to special types of programs. The best-known classical theory of behavioral […]

What is the Difference Between Management and Leadership?

In overall management theory, the recent trends consider distinguishing strongly between leadership and managerial qualities. According to this view, managers and leaders have certain major differences in a number of areas, including: Psychological personality profile: Administrative for a manager and […]

What is Leadership?

Leadership is defined as the ability to influence groups of people in order to make them work and achieve prescribed goals. Leadership, as a type of managerial interrelationship between the leader and the followers, is based on the combination of […]