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How Do I Become a Great Leader

What Level of Leader Should Attend Leadership Development Institutes?

Question What “level” of leader do you suggest participate in Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs)? Frontline supervisors? Or managers who are somewhat more removed? This question is largely driven by this next one: how many people are too many for these […]

How Can I Create a Ripple Effect as a New Director of a Unit?

Question I recently became the new director of a med/surg/peds unit. I believe I am in fact the third or fourth unit director; needless to say, the staff has been through many changes. I am passionate about nursing, and I […]

How Important are Mission and Vision in Cultural Transformation?

Question How important are mission and vision statements in a cultural transformation? Is it imperative that all employees know and understand the organization’s mission? Should everyone be able to articulate the vision? Answer I think it is important, but disagree […]

What is the Difference Between a “Leader” and a “Manager”?

Question I notice that you often use the term “leader” instead of “manager.” Is there really a difference or is it just a question of semantics? Answer The dictionary defines a manager as someone who “handles, controls, or directs.” I […]