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How Can I Raise Patient Satisfaction

Is Writing an Apology Appropriate for Service Recovery?

Question We would like to print cards with our logo and some phrase/mission/value statement to be used for patient service recovery. One program we are looking at is writing a personal note to the patient when we have failed to […]

How Can We Raise Our Food Temperature Satisfaction?

Question Our scores for food temperatures have been in the mid 80s. Do you know of other organizations that have improved their scores? Do you have pointers in how we can script our staff so that if patients aren’t satisfied […]

What Makes a Good Waiting Room Experience?

Question What are the essentials of a great waiting room experience in an outpatient setting? Answer We believe these actions are essential to a great waiting room experience and so we call them the five fundamentals of service: Acknowledge patient […]

How Can We Increase Patient Satisfaction for Meal Service in Hospitals?

Question We would like some ideas about how to achieve 90th percentile patient satisfaction for meals while maintaining a productivity benchmark of 25 percent. Answer First, it is definitely possible to achieve above the 90th percentile in patient satisfaction while […]

How Can Staff Better Manage Multiple Patient Requests?

Question I have been challenged to develop a top 10 list of appropriate responses to a patient’s request that a nurse can use when she is too busy or working with a more critical patient. We have heard many examples […]

How Can We Improve Response to Call Lights?

Question I am co-leader of the Inpatient/Outpatient Team. What is the best way to implement call light responses and improve response time? Answer Responding well to call lights is an important quality and risk issue. The best process focuses on […]

How Can the Emergency Department (ED) Institute a New Mentality?

Question I am an ED nurse in a mostly chaotic emergency department. Our manager and medical director have recently attended one of your seminars and converted to your philosophy. Our ED historically has an overall poor customer satisfaction rating but […]

Should We Focus on Employee or Patient Satisfaction First?

Question We are developing our Service Teams, which include several areas like patient, employee, volunteer, and physician satisfaction. Is there a sequence to follow? Should we focus the majority of our energy on employee satisfaction before we move to patient […]

What is the Role of Patient Relations?

Question What is the legitimate role of a patient relations department? In my job, patient relations reports to me. I also have human resources, the volunteers, pastoral care, and operations improvement (Six Sigma approach). You have commented that the first […]

What Strategies Can We Use to Increase Response Rates to Surveys?

Question I would like to encourage my patients to participate in the patient satisfaction survey they receive when discharged. What type of strategies do we use to prevent it from appearing that we are, as a unit, formally soliciting their […]

Is 100 Percent Satisfaction Possible?

Question Can you achieve 100 percent patient satisfaction? Can you measure it? Answer My experience tells me that there will not be a time when 100 percent of your patients will rate their care tops in every category every time. […]

What’s the Best Way to Make Gains in Patient Satisfaction?

Question Our patient satisfaction is low—with scores in the mid-twenties or below. I want to address this, but I’m just not sure where to start. What do you recommend? Answer I recommend you begin by focusing on one question at […]