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How Can I Better Engage My Staff

What Role do Volunteers Play?

Question I am the director of volunteer and pastoral services at our hospital. I automatically applied everything you said to both my departments. I feel that the Nine Principles are just as applicable to volunteers as they are to employees […]

How Can We Fill Nursing Leadership Positions on an Interim Basis?

Question Our patient satisfaction scores are at an all-time high: the 85th percentile. Our challenge, however, is turnover at the nursing director and manager level. Have you seen any good interim solutions (i.e., outside help) to temporarily fill positions in […]

How Can We Ensure Our Efforts Speak to All Cultures?

Question I have a situation in which the entire customer service initiative is very difficult for employees from certain cultures. Do you have any information on customer service and cultural diversity in the workplace? Answer Many organizations have a “Cultural […]

How Can We Help Other Leaders Hold Up the Mirror?

Question We are embarking on the quality journey and have certain department directors who think they get it, but in reality they aren’t even close. How do we help them recognize that their autocratic style doesn’t fit the new reality? […]

How Can I Continue to Buy In When My Supervisor Doesn’t?

Question Personally, I believe in your Nine Principles to creating a Culture of Excellence, but my VP doesn’t believe in this approach. Explain to me why I should once again attempt to be a leader when the person I work […]

How Can We Motivate Staff to Use White Boards Consistently?

Question Although we have tried, we cannot seem to successfully motivate our staff to use and update white boards we have placed in patient rooms to keep patients updated on their nurse’s name/extension and other information that helps them feel […]

How do We Provide Recognition for Night Shift Employees?

Question I have been on the Recognition and Recovery Team for over a year now. I enjoy being on the team and doing the rounding, but lately we have been getting complaints that we do not recognize people on the […]

How Can I Recognize and Reward Non-Patient Care Staff?

Question Our Customer Excellence Team is struggling with ways to recognize and reward non-patient care areas that are not part of the patient satisfaction survey process—finance, information systems, material management, etc. We are wondering about specific criteria, tracking systems, reward […]

How Do We Handle Anonymous Complaints?

Question How do you handle anonymous complaints made against specific Management Team members? In our case, these take the form of anonymous letters to the administration. The charges are incorrect and cannot be validated. Answer Unless the complaints involve ethical […]

What do You Recommend Regarding the Use of 360s in Peer Reviews?

Question Our area recently decided to incorporate peer review, sometimes called a “360,” in our review process. Do you have a list of questions to use in this type of process? Answer Ironically, I was just interviewed by a reporter […]

What is the Best Way to Develop a Standards Team?

Question What is the best way to develop a Standards Team (to set organizationwide standards of employee behavior) within a hospital setting? Answer The team should be a cross-section of about 10 hospital employees, including physicians. Because standards will touch […]

How Can We Keep Employee Forums Valuable and Energizing for Staff?

Question Our COO has been conducting employee forums for about one year. At the forums she reviews organizational information and results based upon the Five Pillars. We report the work that work teams are accomplishing and the results of the […]

How Can We Get People on Board?

Question How do you make this journey contagious and genuine? We have many great minds here who can be quite cynical and who may have been disappointed in the past. Answer Making change contagious takes time. Momentum seems to naturally […]