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Evaluate Employee Performance

What if an Informal Leader isn’t on Board?

Question What is the best way to deal with “informal leaders” in a work group who are continuously negative, especially regarding “upper management”? These are the same people who will write letters and send petitions to the top leaders in […]

How Can One Employee Confront Another One on Behavior?

Question I have an employee who is always talking about her peers negatively and the staff is exhausted by it. They are afraid to confront her, fearing that she will become even more difficult to work with. What is the […]

How do I Deal with a Staff Member Who Thrives on Gossip?

Question I have been a pediatric nurse for a long time and I manage a children’s practice. I have excellent employees, but there is one who thrives on gossip. What can I do? I asked that person to be a […]

What are High, Middle, And Low Performer Conversations?

Question What are high, middle, and low performer conversations? I am trying to engage staff and find myself always focusing on the low performers without much success. I also worry about the fairness issue. I don’t want to be seen […]