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E-Learning Case Studies

Legal Compliance Training

You are the HR manager for Consolidated Call Centers, Inc., and your company outsources call centers for other businesses around the world. You have 5,000 call-center employees in seventy-five different locations. You need to train the call-center employees on a […]

Informal Technical Seminars

You are the head of research for ChemCALResearch Associates, a chemical research firm with about 1,500 chemists and chemical engineers at five research locations in three time zones. Your training goal is to communicate leading-edge research among all your chemists. […]

New HR Benefits Training

You are the HR manager for CrescendoForte, Inc., a management consulting firm with 4,000 consultants working at consulting engagements with clients at geographic locations all around the world. You have been negotiating with several healthcare providers over the past six […]

New-Hire Training

You are the HR manager of We-Do-Lots-of-Important-Stuff, Inc., and your company hires about 700 new employees each year— about half directly from college and about half as professional hires with related job experience. Most of these employees will be mobile […]

New Salesperson Training in “How to Sell”

You are the sales manager of Really Kool Hardware Products, and you hire at least fifty to sixty salespersons each year who need training in the basics of “how to sell.” This is not just training in “how to sell […]

“Ongoing Professional” Skills Training

You are the CEO of Worldwide E-Consultants, a services company specializing in all manner of IT computer services and consulting. You have 3,000 employees at seven different locations in six time zones. Many of your employees, although not your key […]

Technical Skills Training

You are the HR manager for MultiPRODUCTS Inc, a medium-size company with 10,000 employees working in the high-tech services market. Many of your employees are highly skilled in their specific area of expertise, but their technical breadth is often lacking. […]

Business Tools Training

You’re the sales manager for Ace Products, Inc., and you’ve just purchased new handheld Internet devices for your 400 salespeople nationwide. The key application on the new handheld device is the sales tracking application. Salespeople will input data about each […]

Professional Competency Training

You’re a VP at Virtual Nuts & Bolts, a multinational conglomerate that owns companies involved in a number of different businesses, from manufacturing to high-tech management consulting, to e- business software. Virtual Nuts & Bolts has company-defined competencies (also called […]

Technical Certification Training

You’re the certification compliance officer for Acme Control Company. Your company employs 1,000 engineers who work at power plants all over the world. Your engineers are certified by an outside agency to work on power plants. They can perform their […]

Product Sales Update Training

You are the VP of Sales for Amalgamated Widgets, Inc., a multinational company that sells high-tech widgets as subcomponents in other high tech products. You have 800 salespeople in 20 countries all over the world, and you are getting ready […]