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Change Management

What do I do if I Discover a Project Just Won’t Work?

Not every change you lead or support succeeds. There always comes a time when you have to fish or cut bait. If the change effort not only isn’t working but the results anticipated are unlikely to occur, then it is […]

How Can I Get my Team Through a Period of Change Overload?

Continuous change can lead to severe employee burnout. Some symptoms of burnout are that change loses its importance, and employees grow tired of going from one new program to another. It seems to them as if it is more important […]

How do I Get Commitment to a Change from my Staff?

Begin with your self. What was your first reaction when you heard about the change? Was it fear or elation? Was it confusion or understanding? Are you looking forward to the change or are you worried about its effect on […]

How Can I be a Change Leader?

Once plans are announced, share them with your staff. Their reaction to the news will be based, in part, on your own reaction to the change. Role model a positive attitude. Don’t stop there, however. Identify the concerns of your […]

How Can I Measure my Acceptance of Change?

No matter what the change is or when it occurs, people respond to it gradually. The four steps that people go through when dealing with change are: Denial Resistance Exploration Acceptance If you find yourself going through these four stages, […]