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Building Performance Excellence

Will Discipline Without Punishment work in my Organization?

Yes. Discipline Without Punishment solves performance problems promptly and permanently by placing the responsibility for change exactly where it belongs—with the individual. The core concept of giving an individual whose performance is not acceptable a day at the company’s expense […]

Our Discipline System Seems Harsh and Inappropriate for Professional Employees?

Our discipline system seems harsh and inappropriate for professional employees with its warnings and reprimands and suspensions without pay. Is there a better approach? The traditional ‘‘progressive discipline system,’’ with its criminal-justice mentality and its use of punitive warnings and […]

How do I Solve an Attitude Problem?

The individual’s quality and quantity of work are okay. It’s his attitude that’s the problem. How do I solve an attitude problem? Ask any group of managers what the most common ‘‘people problem’’ they encounter is and they will uniformly […]

How do I Document a Performance Improvement Discussion?

When a manager documents a performance improvement discussion or a formal disciplinary transaction, what is it that the manager is actually documenting? Too many managers think that what they are documenting is the existence of a problem. That’s a mistake. […]

How do I Get Someone to Agree to Change and Correct a Problem?

Begin by writing down a clear and unarguable statement of the difference between desired performance and actual performance. If you can’t write down exactly what you want and exactly what the employee is doing that concerns you, there is no […]

How do I Get the Discussion off to a Good Start?

Probably the toughest ten seconds in management comes when the manager has told the employee that they need to get together to talk about a problem. The appointed time comes, the employee arrives in the manager’s doorway, knocks, and says, […]

How Can I Use the Job Itself as a Developmental Experience?

The tasks, assignments, and activities that a person performs on the job can also serve as developmental experiences. In Performance Execution, we discussed ways of enriching the developmental nature of a job by deliberately building in challenge and autonomy. By […]

Where does Training Fit into a Development Plan?

Most development plans seem to involve little more than just signing up for training programs. Where does training fit into a development plan? Training isn’t ‘‘development.’’ Training is simply one component in a complete development plan. Here are six suggestions […]

What are the Manager’s Responsibilities for Developing Subordinates?

Isn’t development the responsibility of the individual? What are the manager’s responsibilities for developing subordinates? The manager has six key responsibilities for the development of subordinates: 1. Identify key individual and organization development needs. 2. Coach the subordinate’s selection of […]

Why is the Competency of “Impact and Influence” so Important?

‘‘Impact and influence’’ is the other competency that research regularly demonstrates as a critical factor in differentiating between the merely good and the truly great. In studies done of three different job families—managerial/supervisory, technical/ professional, and sales— impact and influence […]

Why Is The “Achievement Orientation” Competency So Important?

Achievement orientation is almost universally identified as one of the two most important predictors of success in complex, sophisticated organizations. Other terms that are often used for this competency include results ‘‘orientation,’’ ‘‘taking initiative,’’ and ‘‘entrepreneurship.’’ How do you know […]