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Applying E-Learning to Your Business

How will Instructors Respond to E-Learning?

Teaching an e-learning course is, in fact, harder than teaching a classroom course. Instructors who have honed their skills toward the classroom experience will need to learn new “how to teach in an e-learning environment” skills. Tell Me More Teaching […]

How does Student Motivation Affect E-Learning?

Learning is work, not entertainment. E-learning is even more work than learning in a class- room environment. Many people are accustomed to learning only in the traditional classroom environment and find it hard to learn “on their own.” Tell Me […]

How will Your Employees Respond to E-Learning?

E-learning will be a “different experience” for many of your employees. It will feel different. Some people enjoy trying things that feel different. Others don’t. You will have to deal with e-learning challenges such as unfamiliarity, lack of self-motivation, lack […]

Do You Need to Scrap Your Classroom Training?

No. Use what you have in the short term. You can blend together classroom and e-learning in the medium term, and move exclusively to an e-learning approach in the long term. Tell Me More Classroom learning does not conflict with […]

How Critical is Leading-Edge Technology to E-Learning?

Using leading-edge technology is important but not critical. The bottom line is the soundness of the instructional design. Students can learn from a simple presentation if it’s instructionally sound. Students don’t learn from a jazzy-looking multimedia experience if it’s NOT […]

What does E-Learning Need from Your Management Team?

Employees take their cues from management. Managers will need to keep realistic expectations, pro- vide leadership, provide support, and manage the change that e-learning will bring to your company. Tell Me More Your company’s management needs to give e-learning what […]

What is an E-Learning Success for You?

An e-learning success has to be in business terms, not in training terms. The entire reason you’re involved with training is for business improvement. Tell Me More Some people think an e-learning success is lots of people attending the class. […]