How do I Create a Culture of Empowerment?

As the background for your empowerment effort, you want to create a culture of support. To that end consider the following: Listen to employees. Demonstrate your trust. Keep employees informed. Help employees balance work and personal lives. Offer opportunities for […]

The Duty to Disobey

There are times when we cannot convince leaders to change their policies or actions and we gracefully line up with the team and support the policies. There are other times when the policies or actions are morally unacceptable to us. […]

Query and Appeal

Once we have prepared ourselves for the possibility of leaving the organization, we can examine other strategies available to us that may or may not lead to the necessity to do so. In some circumstances when faced with an order […]

Offering to Resign

While separation from an organization may be a long, well-considered process, resignation based on principles is often abrupt. We can resign because of our own breach of trust or in protest of the leader’s. We’ll examine the former situation first. […]

Financial Contingencies

Most followers are not independently wealthy. The financial factors involved in leaving are often as weighty as the emotional factors. If leaving is a considered decision made mutually with the leader, we usually have little financial problem making the transition. […]

Difficulty of Separation

In a relationship between dynamic leaders and committed followers who share a common purpose, withdrawing support from a leader is a wrenching act. It is closer to the experience of divorce than it is to leaving one job for another. […]


Though moral action does not always require leaving a group or organization, it always implies the potential of leaving if the offending situation is not corrected or, indeed, if we ourselves have offended the core values of the group. Therefore, […]


When transformation occurs it should be acknowledged. We all believe we are good people. When that belief has been challenged and we have walked the difficult road of attempting to match reality with our beliefs, we deserve to hear about […]


In transformation, as in virtually every human activity, persistence is often the difference between success and failure. If we do not persist, we “give up,” and those who give up are no longer assuming responsibility for the situation. To a […]

Realistic Expectations

roots of the attitudes and behaviors we seek to transform may be planted in body memories formed long before we learned to ride a bicycle, and may last just as long as that remarkable piece of programming. When we grow […]

How are Employees Demotivated?

Research in the 1950s identified several things that demotivate employees. The following is based primarily on the work of Herzberg and is a list of motivation don’ts: Never personally attack someone. Never embarrass an employee. Don’t govern by fear. Don’t […]