Foster An Open Communications Climate

Regular and frank communications between colleagues allow everyone to be better informed about results, proposed changes, day-to-day problems and so on. They also help to develop trust and build better relationships. Here are some suggestions: Help your team members to […]

How Can I Engage Employees in this Process?

When it comes to pinning down who is responsible for what, you should hold one or more team planning sessions to ensure that team responsibilities have been clarified. The team may even develop a chart that is displayed in the […]


Listening well goes to the heart of the professional–client relationship. Most professionals, if asked, say that they are pretty good listeners, as otherwise they would not be able to do their jobs. That is generally true. However, as with most […]

Communicate By Example

One of the finest ways to communicate desirable behaviour or the need for change is by example. In tough times, when it is necessary to keep an eye on expenses, the senior partner of a very successful architectural practice flies […]

How Can I Build Trust from the Team?

Mutual trust is a key characteristic of an effective team. The most significant adhesive binding team members together is mutual trust. In light of financial scandals at various corporations, at no time has this been as important. Trust translates into […]

Get The Message Across

Here are some guidelines: Appeal to hearts and minds. Many professionals, especially lawyers, accountants, scientists and engineers, use the power of reason and evidence to persuade others. They use logical arguments, marshal data in support of their proposals and are […]

What are the Four Stages of Cross-Functional Teams?

The four stages of cross-functional teams are: Forming Storming Norming Performing Some management gurus say there is even a fifth stage, mourning. Tell Me More The first stage is forming, during which you need to finalize the team’s mission and […]

Why is it Important to Have Diversity with in my Team?

A diverse group provides a greater mix of viewpoints or perceptions and strengthens the team’s overall processes of ideation and creativity. It doesn’t matter team members’ seniority, age, sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, or physical status. Pulling these individuals together […]

What are my Responsibilities as Team Leader?

As a team manager, your major responsibility is to model the behaviors and attitudes that you want to see within the team. For one, you need to share information with your team, just as you expect members to exchange information […]