Create An Enjoyable Work Environment

Most professionals enjoy their technical work and get a kick out of serving their clients well. However, when I visit some offices where groups of professionals are at work, I notice that the atmosphere is rather leaden. Conversations, few and […]

Get To Know Your Team Members Really Well

I have noticed that many leaders of professional service teams do a lot of the formal things that are required of them. They hold meetings to review performance, they conduct performance review interviews, they keep their people informed about major […]

Encourage The Provision Of Ideas

Most professionals and support people welcome the opportunity to provide ideas for doing new things and for doing things better. These may be concerned with services, processes, systems or structures. They may be relevant to client service, marketing, organization, information […]

How Can I be a Change Leader?

Once plans are announced, share them with your staff. Their reaction to the news will be based, in part, on your own reaction to the change. Role model a positive attitude. Don’t stop there, however. Identify the concerns of your […]

How Can I Measure my Acceptance of Change?

No matter what the change is or when it occurs, people respond to it gradually. The four steps that people go through when dealing with change are: Denial Resistance Exploration Acceptance If you find yourself going through these four stages, […]

Increase Responsibility

In professional service teams the more senior people, for instance partners and associates, usually have all of the responsibility and authority that they need to undertake their work. On the other hand the more junior professional employees and the support […]

Give Recognition For Performance

It is sad but true that many people, senior as well as junior, go through their working lives without receiving any kind of personal appreciation or recognition. Whenever I speak with leaders of teams of professionals it is clear that […]

Demonstrate Your Own Drive For Results

Energetic and enthusiastic leaders who demonstrate a vigorous drive for results have a positive effect on their team members. They act as role models. There are a number of things that you can do: Make sure that your team members, […]