What Should We Call The Different Levels?

Does it make any difference whether we use words or numbers? No matter how many positions there may be on the rating scale, the positions have to be labeled. There are four alternatives: behavioral frequency, verbal descriptors, comparison-to-standard, and numerical. […]

When Should I Talk About The Pay Increase?

Ideally, the discussion about compensation and the discussion about performance should be separate talks. If it’s possible, the performance appraisal meeting should focus entirely on the individual’s performance with discussion of compensation reserved until a later time. However, if performance […]

How Do I Handle Defensive Reactions?

Defensive reactions come in two forms: fight and flight. Fight responses show up as angry rejections of what the appraiser has said or written. The individual may deny the accuracy of the appraiser’s information or blame others for problems and […]

How Should I Start The Meeting?

The employee I’m about to review is an unsatisfactory performer and the appraisal tells it like it is. How should I start the meeting? Get right to the point. As soon as the person arrives for the appraisal discussion, say, […]