Hold Team Discussions On How Well The Team Is Working

The box ‘Questions about team working’ provides a list of questions about the effectiveness of teams. How many of the questions can you and your team members answer with a yes? How many can you answer not only with a […]

Teamwork: Getting The Best Out of People Working Together

The jazz greats including John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Louis Armstrong also understood collaboration; they knew that a great jazz performance requires more than individual excellence. Members of their combos listened carefully to the others and played in a tightly […]

How Can I Deal with Workaholism?

Some people fall into the "all work, all the time" pattern and find it hard to get out. Without close family ties or friends to draw them away from their work lives, they may become so consumed that they never […]

Encourage Team Members To Coach Well

In many professional service teams it is not only the team leaders who coach. Other senior colleagues frequently supervise the work of trainees and less experienced people. Some coaches, or supervisors as they are called in some professions, do an […]

How Can I Reduce Stress Due to Work?

Actually, you have two concerns: controlling your own feelings of burnout and minimizing the stress your employees feel. As an effective manager, you should provide employees with the information they need to do a good job. You should give regular […]

Give and Receive Feedback

The motivational benefits of positive feedback were explored in Creating the Conditions for Outstanding Performance . Acknowledging and recognizing good performance is a strong reinforcement of behaviour and encourages people to continue to strive for first-class results. There are also […]

Build The Right Relationship

Mutual respect and trust are at the core of a good relationship between a coach and a learner in any field of endeavour. Team leaders in professional service firms earn their respect by doing their leadership job well. That includes […]

You Have To Want To Help

Coaching is about helping other people to learn and to put their learning into effect. Notice the emphasis on the word ‘helping’. Managerial leaders do not always see their work in this light. One said to me ‘I leave that […]

Play To People’s Passions

Most professionals enjoy their technical work. After all, they chose the career in the first place primarily because they were attracted to the work involved and felt that it suited their abilities and personalities. Of course most people get bored […]