Are Key Words for Phone Answering Necessary?

Question We have introduced key words for phone answering and have encountered major pushback from OR staff regarding internal phone calls. How do I show value in saying, “Good morning, this is the (Name of Hospital) operating room, Patty speaking” […]

What Questions Should I Ask New Employees?

Question We are implementing a 90-day follow-up meeting with new employees to find out how their time has been at the facility and what we could do differently to be more “employee friendly.” Can you suggest any questions we should […]

Is There a Downside to Thank You Notes?

Question Has there been any “downside” to sending notes of thanks to an employee’s home? Answer No, there is not a downside. I believe that at times even low performers deserve a thank you note. When a leader has counseled […]

Can Thank You Notes be Insincere?

Question I have worked at my organization for more than 15 years. I received a few thank you notes from my administrator, but they were for trivial matters such as cleaning a coffee machine and running folders to a meeting. […]