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If a Suspension is the Best Final Step Strategy, Why Should We Pay the Employee for the Time He is Away on Suspension?

There are several reasons that it makes sense to pay the employee for the day he is away from work on decision-making leave. As a practice, the paid suspension:

  • Changes the supervisor’s role from adversary to coach.
  • Demonstrates the company’s good faith.
  • Is more consistent with organizational values.
  • Eliminates money as an issue.
  • Doesn’t harm the employee’s family.
  • Reduces anger, hostility, and the risk of workplace violence.
  • Makes you look good to a jury.

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Again, the last reason may be the most important. If a discharged employee challenges his termination, then regardless of the facts and regardless of the law, the underlying issue will always be, Was the company fair? When the organization can demonstrate that not only did it have a series of well-documented, progressively more serious discussions with the employee, but it also gave the individual a day at its own expense to think about whether he could perform at a minimally acceptable level and the individual didn’t live up to his own commitment, no stronger argument to support termination can be made.