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Do We Need to Provide Training to Employees About Our Performance Appraisal Process?

Yes. Although the training for employees does not have to be nearly as long or as detailed as the training provided managers (mainly because the skills required by the recipient of a performance appraisal are quite different from the skills required by an appraiser), it’s a good idea to hold a training or orientation program for all employees to introduce the new system.

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Sixty to ninety minutes is an appropriate amount of time to set for an employee overview of a new performance appraisal program. In addition to the orientation presentation, however, it’s a good idea to give everyone copies of the new forms, copies of the administrative guidelines and procedures, and perhaps a set of frequently asked questions about the new system and its design.

  • At the end of an effective employee orientation program, each nonsupervisory employee of the organization should:
  • Understand the reasons why the organization decided to develop a new performance management system
  • Understand all of the elements of the form (e.g., organizational core competencies, job family competencies, key job responsibilities, goals, rating scales)
  • Understand the specific benefits that a new performance management system will provide to him or her personally
  • Understand how this program operationalizes the organization’s mission statement and/or vision and values
  • Understand his or her individual responsibilities in each phase of the performance management system
  • Understand, accept, and enthusiastically support the focus on performance excellence encouraged by the program