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What’s the Best Way to Make Gains in Patient Satisfaction?


Our patient satisfaction is low—with scores in the mid-twenties or below. I want to address this, but I’m just not sure where to start. What do you recommend?


I recommend you begin by focusing on one question at a time. In essence, ask nurse leaders to choose and focus on just one question from the organization’s patient satisfaction survey that has the biggest impact on patients’ overall perception of care and willingness to return or recommend, such as, “Those with me were kept informed.”

Next steps explain how leaders can connect for staff the use of key words and key actions to improvement in this area. Then coach those employees who need to improve and recognize those who excel.

I recommend you read my article “Seven Steps of Driving Patient Satisfaction: One Question at a Time” at www.adeak.com. It explains in detail this sequenced, step-by-step approach to improving patients’ perception of care.