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Is 100 Percent Satisfaction Possible?


Can you achieve 100 percent patient satisfaction? Can you measure it?


My experience tells me that there will not be a time when 100 percent of your patients will rate their care tops in every category every time.

For organizations using a five-point scale for patients to rate their satisfaction (with five being the highest), those that rank at the top have about 74 percent of patients rate them a five. Sixteen percent rate their care a four. Seven percent rate their care a three. Two percent rate their care a two, and one percent rate their care a one. For organizations using a ten-point scale for patients (with ten being the highest), I have found 90 percent rate their care a nine or ten. Eight percent rate their care a six to eight and two percent rate care a one to five.

The key is to move the patients who rate their care “good” to the “very good” category. This could also be moving patients from “satisfied” to “very satisfied,” depending on the measurement tool used. The focus is to move the second-best rating to the best.