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How Can We Communicate Dashboard Data in a Timely Fashion?


We would like to provide a one-page dashboard with a weekly summary of pertinent information for hospital executives, directors, and managers—possibly using a pop-up screen on their PCs. What metrics would you suggest we include? What other ideas do you have for communicating this type of information on a timely basis?


I like the idea of a pop-up screen that would provide the following indicators based on how frequently the information is available. Keep in mind that many other things could be tracked as well. Below, I have focused only on the most important.


  • Turnover—RN, non-RN, and total (updated monthly)
  • Ninety-day turnover (updated monthly)
  • Staffing productivity (updated biweekly)


  • Satisfaction scores by area (updated weekly and monthly)


  • Budget variance (updated monthly)
  • AR days (updated daily)
  • Net operating income (updated monthly)


  • One or several of your top quality metrics (mostly updated monthly)


  • Admissions by unit (updated daily)
  • OR visits (updated daily)
  • ED visits (updated daily)