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Can You Help Us Improve Our Cleanliness Scores on Our Patient Satisfaction Survey?


We are confused. We have very good scores on cleanliness in our inpatient areas, but have been unable to move the needle in our outpatient areas. What can we do?


First, review the scores in all outpatient areas (lab, waiting areas, mammography, radiology, etc.) and find out specifically what areas are perceived by the patient as not being cleaned to the highest level. Also, interview the supervisors in each outpatient area to see if their perceptions are consistent with patient indications on the survey. Check to see what departments have scores that are “satisfied” versus “very satisfied.”

In training housekeeping staff, I would provide AIDET training on the five fundamentals. (Visit www.adeak.com and search on “five fundamentals.”) This will increase staff visibility to the patients and their families. Having staff say “good morning” and “good afternoon” can have a positive impact on patient and family perception.

The last tip is to post a “cleaned with care” card that is signed by the EVS employee, along with the date. This should be placed in public view (i.e., on an end table).