Can I Apply Your Principles to My Surgical Group?


I am a member of a surgical group and would very much like to take some of these principles into my office. Has anyone attempted this? If so, I’d like a little guidance.


Yes, we have seen physicians take these principles into their offices with excellent results. In the span of two years, one medical group increased patient satisfaction from the 37th percentile to the 85th , moved employee satisfaction above the 90th percentile, and had physician turnover at less than 2 percent with physician satisfaction in the 90th percentile.

The key steps they took:

Constant Measuring—Every week the receptionist gave out five surveys for each physician, using a medical group survey tool. Results from three questions, including overall manner of the physician and overall quality of care of visit, were tabulated and shared with individual physicians and leaders on a bimonthly basis.

Rounding—The physician leader and office manager hardwired rounding on staff and other physicians and coordinated their rounding for alignment.

Leadership Development—Key physicians attended training that looked at leadership skill sets such as communication and dealing with difficult patients to give them tools to be successful.

Implemented thank you notes, key words, and post-visit calls for new patients.

Tied physician compensation and leader evaluations to measurable results.