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When the Manager and Peer Interviewers don’t Agree on a Candidate for Hire, Who Makes the Final Decision?


I am currently in the process of hiring a new assistant nurse manager (ANM). The current ANM and I interviewed each candidate, and there was also a separate peer group interview involving five staff members. The problem is that my top candidate is the last choice of the peer group. How can we handle this situation and not lose credibility with the staff?


Do you have a rating sheet set up by characteristics you are looking for in a candidate? Use one for all interviews. This allows you to go back to the staff and determine whether the candidate behaved differently in the interviews and compare/contrast. You can walk through the ratings and zero in on the differences. This process might make you change your top pick.

A candidate should not be forwarded on to the peer interview if you can’t live with having him or her on the team. In short, I would suggest that you go with the staff choice. I find that staff usually have the best sense of a fit in the department and will take personal ownership for that individual’s success when they have recommended him or her to join the organization.