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When Re-Recruiting High Performers, What if Certain Departments Don’t Agree On Ratings?


I am working with our CEO and VP of Human Resources on in-servicing and implementing high, middle, and low performer conversations  with our officers and directors group. One of the concerns expressed in our planning meeting centered on this question: “What if an immediate supervisor views a direct report as a high performer, yet the employees that person leads view him as a low performer?” We would like to work through that scenario prior to following through with the in-service. Any input/feedback would be appreciated.


Ultimately, I believe the dialogue must occur between leaders. Prior to doing the re-recruiting exercise, have each leader develop and turn in a list of the staff they view as high, middle, and low performers. Have your Senior Leader Team review this list and agree on ratings as they are defined by your organization. I don’t feel that there will be discrepancies between a high, middle, and low performer rating if this occurs. Then, by having one-on-one meetings with high, middle, and low performers, you will be able to address three key drivers for satisfaction simultaneously: recognition and career direction for high performers, recognition and skill development for middle performers, and creating consistency with employees by addressing low performers.