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What Should We do if Leaders Give Late Evaluations?


For approximately six months we have been posting the names of managers who are late in submitting evaluations. We have experienced fair success with this tactic. When you implemented it, did you find that you experienced peaks and valleys in compliance?


No, I did not experience lack of compliance. Managers knew that the first time they were late, they would be verbally counseled; the second time, they would receive a written notice; the third time, they would be terminated. I find that what gets tolerated becomes acceptable. When you establish zero tolerance for late evaluations, you won’t have any.

One CEO tells me that after initial slow compliance for on-time evaluations, his organization has had just one late evaluation in the past five years. This was achieved by deducting points from managers’ annual merit increases, printing and announcing their names publicly, and requiring them to meet late at night with the CEO.