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What Questions Should I Ask New Employees?


We are implementing a 90-day follow-up meeting with new employees to find out how their time has been at the facility and what we could do differently to be more “employee friendly.” Can you suggest any questions we should ask during this meeting?


Yes. I recommend that you ask:

  1. How has your experience compared to what we said we were going to be like?
  2. What has worked well? What do you like about your job?
  3. You still have a fresh pair of eyes. What are some systems, methods, techniques, and so forth from your previous places of employment that might work here? (You’re harvesting intellectual capital.)
  4. Can you name individuals who have helped you these first 90 days? How have they helped?
  5. Are there any reasons you might think of leaving or looking elsewhere?

Don’t accept “fine” as an answer—dig deeper. The leader demonstrates accessibility, responsiveness, and the fact that he or she values the contributions of the new hire. Often, issues can be uncovered and addressed early, which will increase employee satisfaction and retention and enhance not only the leader’s relationship with the employee, but the strength of the organization as a whole.

New employee meetings at the 30- and 90-day marks are one method of hardwiring the right way to communicate with employees at critical times in their employment. In fact, they typically reduce that first 90-day turnover rate by about two-thirds.