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How does Time to Build Affect Your E-Learning Solution?

Depending on how much time you have to get it up and running, you can get very different e-learning solutions.

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Do you have months to develop the training course? Or only days? E-learning courses can take anywhere from one week to six months (and longer) to put together. (In general, the simpler things take less time to build.)

In general, if you have only a short time to develop an e- learning course, you’ll need to start looking at simpler approaches even if those approaches are imperfect.

You may face the situation where you can return lots of benefits from a planned e-learning system, but you just don’t have the time to get it working the exact way you want it right now. So do you do nothing? Of course not. If you can’t solve the whole problem with your existing budget, then you take bite-size chunks of the problem and make progress. Then you take another bite-size chunk a little later.

Another approach is to overlap things by delivering parts of the course while other parts are being developed. That way, if the whole course would take three months to develop, you might develop the first part of the course in the first month, and start delivering it while the rest of the course is still under development.