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How do You Sequence The High, Middle, And Low Performer Conversations at The Leader Level?


Does the CEO meet with his senior leadership starting with the highs, then the middles, and finally the lows? And if you have a low performer in the senior group, who then meets with those high directors who report to this low performer? We are struggling a bit with the process.


In any case where a senior leader or director is considered a low performer, action needs to be taken quickly because of the impact that person has on his department. As part of the CEO’s conversation with a low performer at the director level, the CEO might express a desire to work with that director by better understanding what the leader will be sharing during his high, middle, and low performer conversations with staff. In fact, one of the reasons the director could be a low performer is because he is not proficient at coaching his staff. You can also make sure you re-recruit high and middle performers who report to that leader. But again, the key action is to make sure that the senior leader improves or moves on.