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How Can I Continue to Buy In When My Supervisor Doesn’t?


Personally, I believe in your Nine Principles to creating a Culture of Excellence, but my VP doesn’t believe in this approach. Explain to me why I should once again attempt to be a leader when the person I work for doesn’t support my efforts.


Do the best you can to be a great leader for your area, even if it has limited impact in the organization. I believe you wouldn’t be writing to me if you weren’t already a good leader and that you hold strong personal values that won’t let you work any other way. I have seen one instance when a leader had such great results in her own area, and the CEO was so impressed, that the whole organization got on board. So, short-term, be the best leader you can be. Long-term, if you can, try to find an organization that will embrace your desire. There are many out there. I doubt that your VP will be a long-term player.