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Do Patients Appreciate Rounding?


We continue to experience ongoing evidence, through patient satisfaction comments or real-time nonverbal communications, that our patients do not appreciate the manager rounding. Our managers discuss our goals to provide good care, discuss and/or show the survey, or inquire about the patient’s stay. How do we improve this process? Or how do we change the focus from the survey to the patient’s experience, and still compete with best practice organizations that show the survey and talk about “very goods” and “striving for five”?


I am going to give you a little pushback on this. My belief is you may be overreacting to a minority of leaders. We have many, many leaders who practice rounding and get great comments. In fact, I round with leaders who are rounding every week. When the rounding is done well, I do not observe a problem.

My perception is that you may have some leaders who are not comfortable with rounding because they are using inappropriate key words. Here is a template to follow:

  • Good morning, I’m (name), the nurse manager for this unit. I’m just stopping by to make sure my staff and I are doing everything we can to provide very good care.
  • Responding to your requests is important. Have you used your call light? How well are we responding?
  • How well are we answering your questions? What about your family and friends? Are we meeting their needs as well?
  • Has there been anything about your stay so far that you have been really pleased with? Is there a person I can compliment?
  • Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you during your stay. Do not hesitate to ask anyone, including any of my staff or me.

We do not suggest that you “strive for five.” We find if the manager communicates interest in providing very good care, manages up staff, corrects any issues, and highlights key questions, the rest takes care of itself.