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Can You Share Key Words for Discharge Phone Calls?


Are there any key words available for discharge phone calls? We are working on this “Must Have” and would like some ideas to incorporate into ours.


Key points are:

  1. Empathy. “We are calling to see how you are.”
  2. Clinical questions regarding medications, follow-up appointments, and so forth.
  3. “We like to recognize staff and physicians who have done an excellent job. Do you remember any people you would like recognized?”
  4. “We want to provide excellent care. How was your care?”
  5. “Our goal is to be the best. Do you have any suggestions on things we could improve upon?”

Another tip is to have the key words be part of a log. Staff members will have a guideline to use and can record information at the same time. Don’t forget to harvest the recognition opportunities that the patients will share. It makes doing the calls enjoyable for the staff.

For more information, please refer to the article titled “Discharge Phone Calls” at Adeak.