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Can You Recommend Key Words for Response to Call Lights?


What would you suggest as a key phrase to say to patients who may have had to wait to have their call lights answered?


Here are some suggestions:

  1. Consider an acknowledgment as you enter, such as: “I see that your call light is on. I apologize for my delay. (No excuses.) How may I help you?”
  2. Follow up with: “I want to provide you with excellent care. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
  3. Or try: “I am so sorry that you had to wait. Now that I am here, I have time to take care of whatever personal needs you have. How can I make you more comfortable?”
  4. After you have addressed the need, close the conversation by telling the patient what you are doing to prevent that delay from happening again. “I have asked Mary, your CNA, to check back in an hour or so to see if you need anything.”
  5. The next time you are in the room, make sure to circle back. “Have you had to use your call light?” If it’s the next day, ask, “How are we doing on this today?”