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Are there Any “Best Practices” for Improving Employee Satisfaction?


We have just formed a sub-team of our Service Team to look at continuously impacting and improving employee satisfaction. Do you have any “best practice” ideas we should consider first?


The number one method for continuously improving employee satisfaction and reducing turnover is to hardwire leader rounding on staff. This is not an issue a team can fix. It must happen at the unit level. For information on unit leader rounding, there are many resources organizations may access. A great start would be to review the “Must Haves”.

After beginning unit leader rounding on staff, the next step is to send thank you notes to the homes of high-performing employees. (See Questions 23, 24, and 25 for more information on thank you notes.) As these foundational management practices are being hardwired, make an organizational effort to implement an employee satisfaction survey. In Improve Physician Relationships of Hardwiring Excellence, I present a step-by-step approach to rolling out an employee satisfaction tool and responding to the results. This would be an excellent starting point.

These three actions will provide results. Beyond this, I suggest that a team address organizational issues identified in the employee satisfaction survey. These surveys can be done yearly, and mini-surveys focusing on certain questions can be done more frequently to provide direction to the team.

I would also suggest that a sub-team of the Service Team can be helpful, but the real team that needs to address this is the CEO and the Senior Leadership Team.